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Child Teenage Counselling

Teenager have a lot of emotional ups and downs. What with the pressures of school, their social lives and the general confusion that comes with growing up. Our counselling can help with a whole range of issues.

Children and adolescents, or teens, build social skills and emotional intelligence as they grow. These things often lead to healthy, happy lives. But some kids have emotions or behave in ways that disrupt their well-being.

Signs something may be wrong -

Teens often internalise problems rather than communicating about them openly, so it can be difficult to know if they’re in trouble. However, if you notice any of the following signs, you may want to consider getting further advice or support.

1) Change of Behavior – Have they started to act out or get into trouble? Or perhaps they’ve become quiet and withdrawn and are spending a lot of time in their room?

2) Change in Sleep Patterns – Often, when we’re feeling upset, physical things like sleep patterns are the first to be affected. If your teen is finding it harder to sleep, it may be a sign something is causing them anxiety.

3) Change in Eating Patterns – Is your teen eating noticeably more or less than they usually would? Or at different times of day? Are they refusing to sit down for meals with the rest of the family? Eating patterns and appetite often change around emotions.

4) Occurred Health Problems – Is your son or daughter reporting frequent headaches, tummy upsets, are you noticing changes in mood and lack of motivation? These are often the symptoms of anxiety.

5) Drop in School Grades – A significant drop in school grades can be a key indicator that they’re feeling distracted or upset.