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Soothing Touch

Our soothing touch and
emotional engagement boost your childhood development. Soothing touch can be so helpful for your baby to feel secure and comfort.

Nutrition Education

You want the best possible start to your baby’s life, and we want that for your baby. Niragas Children's Hospital provides expertise, compassion and support to ensure the best possible care for your baby.

Our Caring Staffs

We boast of our staff as well qualified, knowledgeable and who work dedicatedly towards enhancing, sustaining and restoring children’s health and development.

Niragas Children’s Hospital


Niragas Children's Hospital was born with the aim of providing high standards of care for children.

Care of sick children has been one of the cornerstones in our planning and the hospital delivers complete services for robust child health.

Besides our natural inclination for normal disease, we are equally known for our expertise in handling 'high-risk cases'.

Assured, when you choose us then, your child will be in able hands.

Pediatrician Solutions to Enhance
your kids Life

We are united by a compelling mission : We provide hope, care and cures to help every child live the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible.

Newborn Care

Newborn Care

We coordinate with you to work on your baby’s ongoing healthcare & help you to create a proper age wise nutrition plan.

Lab Testing

Child Diagnostic

Children typically require fewer tests than adults. Different lab testing are done at Niragas Children's Hospital.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Vaccination and Immunization

It is the first step to protect your child from vaccine-preventable diseases in the future.

Recent Events / News

With Niragas Children's Hospital, Dr. Amol Phulsundar runs many social activities. The hospital aims at helping every human being to achieve and maintain his health and hence happiness. So hospital organizes seminars, free medical checkup camps, workshops etc towards achieving this aim.

Child Specialist Appointment


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